Heart medicine

Cocoa is called heart medicine. It is endowed with spiritual energy that provides people with a feeling of calm, relaxation, softness, love and bliss. This state, however, is not something that comes to from the outside and disappears over time.

The energy of ceremonial cocoa only shows us what is already inside, but for various reasons has been invisible and inaccessible to us. The spirit of ceremonial cocoa serves as a powerful guide for our souls in a journey to this hidden inner self, allowing us to connect on a deeper level with our body, breath, emotions and touch. By drinking cocoa, we ceremonially establish a relationship with the spirit of the plant, allowing it to support and guide us on the spiritual journey to our true self.


medycyna serca
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Authentic cocoa

  • is perfect when we need energy and want to provide it in a healthy, natural way;
    stimulates the body, increases concentration and creativity, supports focus;

  • supports meditation by calming the mind and guiding our attention and energy inward, to the realms of the heart

  • raises your vibrations

  • soothes the body
    supports a good mood
    opens the heart
    helps release emotions

  • supports internal work and spiritual development

  • brings a feeling of unconditional love and acceptance


Cocoa is a perfect drink in everyday life, but also for meditation, breathing sessions, dancing, time spent in nature, meeting friends, physical activity, yoga, music-making, singing, creative work and making love.

Drinking cocoa with your partner may be a ritual that will strengthen the bond of your relationship and unite you in the energy of love.

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