A journey into your self

Western culture does not normally teach us to perceive plants as sacred. However, to see and experience their power it is enough to visit South American countries, where native shamans still conduct ceremonies, working with the spirit of plants to bring insight and healing to people. We have a lot to learn about the power of plants from indigenous cultures.

Cocoa allows us to journey to the inner self, establish a connection with our heart, see the hidden patterns and beliefs that rule our lives, cultivate self-love, increase our awareness and progress on the path of personal development. It does not create these things from scratch, but helps us reach what is already there and serves as a catalyst for these processes. It must be stressed that cocoa does not create visions, neither is it a mind-altering agent. Its subtle energy opens our hearts and allow us to feel things on a much deeper plane, making it a lot easier to open up and talk about emotions.

Every cocoa ceremony is different - it all depends on the host. Some focus on singing and dancing, others on meditation, still others on talking, playing music or just relaxing to the sounds of singing bowls and gongs.

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What brings them together is that in each and every ceremony cocoa is drunk with an INTENTION - our spiritual request that directs our energy to what is important to us. Drinking ceremonial cocoa may bring about inspiration and the finding of answers to our questions, and at least some of our intentions may come true.

Cocoa opens the heart

Whether you sit in a circle with other people, take part in a ceremony led by a real shaman, or drink cocoa alone or with a small group of friends is of no importance. What matters, in my opinion, is the fact that when we go through the careful ceremonial process of preparing the cocoa, through the accompanying calmness and concentration, we open ourselves to our intentions and the energy of the drink.

Cocoa can serve as a powerful heart opener, but in order to fully realize its potential, we need to allow ourselves to be in the here and now with your inner soul. Drinking cocoa while on a forest walk, practicing yoga, painting or playing an instrument is a wonderful experience as cocoa triggers our creativity. And sometimes it's good to just sit in silence and listen to your heart.

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