Why Cacao Mana?

Mana means power in Hawaiian. It is also the 6th principle of Huna (Polynesian philosophy), which states that all power comes from within.

Ceremonial cocoa is a power plant. What does it mean? There are many plants on Earth that have healing powers, called medicine plants. They are used during rituals and ceremonies, and their effects support people in recognizing their essence. They direct us to the inner realm of heart and soul. Cocoa is definitely one of them, which is nothing new. It was considered a heart-opening medicine already in pre-Colombian times.

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What is ceremonial cocoa?

Ceremonial cocoa is 100% cocoa, without any additives, derived from unmodified native cocoa beans. These grains varieties have a rich history, indigenous energy and are very healthy.

An important aspect of our varieties is that all plants are grown in the best possible way, with due respect for the Earth and humans. The selection of producers who show respect for nature and provide decent working conditions for people is an all-important consideration for us with regard to the properties of the cocoa.

Authentic ceremonial cocoa should be processed as little as possible during production - the less human interference, the better.